Customer Instructions

    1. Translation is a hard process of language recreation. Quality is in direct proportion to time, so please leave us sufficient time to ensure the accuracy of the translation. In order to save time and promote efficiency, please provide us with formal, fluent and clear originals. Electrical documents will be the best.
    2. For the professional documents, please provide us with the relevant data (including the former translation, reference documents or vocabularies, person names, place names etc.) in time to ensure that the translators translate them quickly and accurately.
    3. If you propose modification, deletion or increasing contents to the originals during the process of the translation or after the translation finished, it should be charged again and the time should be postponed correspondingly. If you require us to suspend the translation midway, you should pay the relevant fees at the agreed price for the work that has already been completed according to our translation progress.
    4. If you have specific requirements on the typeface, form and typeset, please notify us in the form of writing, fax or e-mail on the day when entrusting the document to us. Otherwise, we will deal with it according to the pattern of the original.
    5. If you have objections to the translation, please notify us through phone or writing within 10 days after you receive the translation, we will modify it for free. We will consider that there is no objection to the translation if it exceeds the time limit.
    6. We only take responsibilities for the accuracy of the translation but not for the source, contents and usage of the originals. We keep the right to refuse to translate the documents whose contents violate the relevant laws and statutes of the People’s Republic of China and the international conventions.
    7. We will conduct confidential system to your translation contents. If you have special confidential requirements, please notify us in advance and then we will sign a confidential agreement. We will carry out strict confidential measures.
    8. The words number of the manuscripts will be calculated by the number of Chinese characters in the Word File according to the state stipulation. For these documents less than 1,000 characters will be charged according to the price of 1,000 characters.

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