TCL tends to engage over a long period of time part-time translators and interpreters good at all kinds of languages.
The requirements to them are as follows:
1. They must master a foreign language at least and have a deep Chinese basis.
2. They are required to have a professional background in some certain field, have gained a relative academic degree, have received a relative professional training program and obtained rich working experience.
3. They must have a translation experience of 3 years or above, have a computer at home or be convenient to approach the Internet. We will give priority to employing such talents as follows:
a. translators or interpreters mastering finance, IT or computer;
b. interpreters for multi-national conferences or voice-overs;
c. translators or interpreters good at German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.
4. They are required to have high entrepreneur spirit and good professional ethics.

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