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    The Translation Company of Laiwu City is a professional translation company registered by Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce. We have an excellent team with good credits and high quality, which is composed of qualified translation experts, advanced translation and examine team, foreign experts, IT engineers and the first-class foreign language experts with good translation basic skills and related work background. Our company is a Co-partner of London Translation Company of Britain. We supply services of mutual translation between Chinese and 25 kinds of foreign languages including English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Czech, Indonesian, Danish, Arabic, Swedish, Malaysian, Norwegian, Cambodian etc. Our translation manuscripts refer to the follows: introduction of mechanical equipment, project bidding documents, marketing analysis reports, financial reporting statistics, professional documents, notary materials, application for going abroad, film and TV scripts, making and translation for VCD videos and so on. Our translation fields include finance, medicine, law, communication, environmental protection, IT industry, metallurgy, biochemistry, trading, electric, hygiene, industry, agriculture, foodstuff, literature and art, textile, architecture etc. Meanwhile, we also supply the following services: simultaneous interpretation for all kinds of conferences, interpretation for equipment installment and debugging on the spot and commercial negotiations, etc. Since the year when we established in 1993, we have already translated all the technical materials of hundreds of production lines and more than a thousand sets of equipments imported abroad for the key projects of Shandong Province and the large-medium enterprises of Laiwu City, supplied thousands times of interpretation for all levels of governmental organs, many sci-tech institutes, and export-oriented enterprises, etc. The company plays an important role as a bridge for Laiwu City and the peripheral cities to perform external communication, cooperation and economic development. It has won the customers’ trusts and favorable comments because of its excellent work.
    In order to supply better services to all cities for opening to the outside, attracting investments and cultural communication, our company puts the focuses on the following service:
    1. Language Translation
    The company supplies agency service of material translation and interpretation to all units throughout the years at preferential prices. We adopt flexible paying methods. You can balance monthly or annually. No matter when it is and where you are, if you fax your material to (0634) 6269424 or send an email to, you will get the accurate translation timely. The professional interpreters will also supply enthusiastic and meticulous service to you at any time to make you surmount the language obstacle freely, play strategies within a commend tent and assure to win victories a thousand Li away in business.
    2. Making Foreign Language Websites
    Nowadays, website is the main method to propagandize products, obtain information and enlarge marketing for a company. We devote ourselves to the design, making and maintenance of bilingual (multilingual) websites and we also develop tracking service to collect, sort and provide favorable business information for you promptly, and help you obtain more orders and opportunities.
    3. Attracting Investment and Financing Agency
    Our company has established close cooperation relationship with many famous foreign organizations, media and corporations and kept a large quantity of reliable business information. We can help the corporations to get foreign funds, technologies and ideal cooperation parties and seek proper foreign buyers for companies that need selling. As long as you send your letters of intent for attracting investment and related materials to our company, we will do our best to build a bridge for you to find a good cooperation project.
    4. Oversea Study Service
Our company is the third oversea study consulting office in Shandong Province with state-permission qualification for Qingdao International Cooperation Center. We undertake going-abroad businesses with full responsibility such as oversea study, immigration and visa bidding. We can make your dream of going abroad come true. Parents, students and those who want to go abroad are welcome to our company to consult.
   With the proper person-choosing mechanism, scientific translation process, sufficient human resource and the strict secrecy system, we assure that we will work rigorously to translate materials accurately.
    The Translation Company of Laiwu City of Shandong Province will uphold the working principles of honest and trustworthy, quality first and striving for perfection to provide you first-class service with first-class talents. We will cherish even more the cooperation relationships and the friendships that have been established with the customers to make a bright future with the customers.

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