Business Scope

1. Translation of Languages
    TCL can offer translation and interpretation service of many kinds of foreign languages to the Party&government organizations, enterprises and institutions. It can undertake the translation of technical data in a large amount in 25 kinds of languages such as English, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.
2. Exchange of Qualified Personnel
    TCL can provide the personnel management service on commission to the proprietorships and co-partnerships. It can offer all kinds of services for the exchange of the qualified personnel to all the enterprises and institutions concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals.
3. Selection and Recommendation of Employees
    TCL can recommend all kinds of senior office workers and technicians such as secretaries, translators, consulters, sales agents, etc to the foreign enterprises, the international institutions quartered in Shandong Province, as well as the agencies of the enterprises from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It also undertakes the application and registration for the resident representative offices of the abovementioned organizations, and can also offer consulting services involving foreign affairs.
4. Engagement of Foreign Experts
    TCL can recommend the foreign cultural and educational experts to work in the universities, colleges or high schools and help to handle the entry visas.
5. Acting as Commercial Agent
    TCL has extensive and close business relations with many large or middle enterprises and institutions at home and abroad and it has very rich experience in investment invitation. It would like to act as financing agent in such fields as industry, agriculture, commerce, finance, trade, insurance, environmental protection, education etc. to develop many businesses like technology transference, investment, import&export of products, establishing schools etc.
6. Overseas Studying Service

    Aiming at each student's economically affordable ability, advantages, hobbies, characters, etc, TCL tends to design a safe, economical and high efficient road to studying abroad.
7. Treasures to Show
    TCL shows original works produced by famous calligraphists or painters, treasures handed down from ancient times, stationery, etc through Internet.
8. Spreading Patents
    TCL devotes itself to introducing, recommending or selling personal patents at home and abroad.

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