Service Scope
1. Translation: TCL provides a full range of translation service of all types of written materials, such as legal documents, contracts, technical data, product manual, enterprise brief, notarial certificates, art works, etc.
2. Interpretation: TCL provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in all facets of business, including: multi-national conferences, press announcement, commercial negotiations, on-the-spot technical guide, etc.
3. Website Translation: TCL provides the translation of the Chinese web pages and the construction of web stations.
4. Book Translation: TCL provides the translation of foreign-language books concerning all kinds of professional fields.
Professional Fields
    Machinery, electronics, communication, aviation, medicine, hygiene, chemicals, petroleum, environmental protection, biology, automobile, iron and steel, textile, printing and dyeing, garments, food, paper making, insurance, economy-my, management, commerce, policies, laws, construction, building materials, banking, medical equipment, computer, etc.
Types of Data
1. Commercial Documents:
    Bids, brochures, product description, scientific treatises, technical documents, industrial and commercial management, accounting statements, training data, commercial statements, commercial correspondence, investment-invitation introductions, fiscal analysis, project report, etc.
2. Legal Documents:
    Contracts and constitutions, laws and rules, notices, notarial deeds, certificates, line stipulations, power of attorney, international certifications, etc.
3. Technical Data:
    Product manual, project report, performance program, operation guide, construction documents, etc.
4. Personal Data:
    Resume, application for admission , job-wanted letters, school report cards, diploma, residence booklets, notarial certificates etc.


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